Equestrian sports


When looking after horses, you want to avoid injury at all cost, both to yourself and the horse. That means you need the right sand to surface the riding areas and paddocks. The sand must act as a shock absorber and be soft but not be slippery or cause injuries from sliding or strains. Borgårdsand has developed various different fractions of our unique round sand so your surface is as safe and fun to ride on as possible. Brogårdsand has supplied sand to several of Sweden’s biggest stables.

Soft and round
Our sand is round and pure. Thanks to those properties it does not compact and get hard after rain, but stays soft and retains its shock-absorbing properties regardless of the weather. The advantageous distribution of the sand particles provides spring for the horse’s legs and good drainage, which means that the track does not become wet and difficult to ride on. The sand is also free from sharp edges, which is good for hooves.

Sand for pretty paths and parking places
A stables does not only involve the riding tracks themselves. It also needs attractive paths and practical parking spaces nearby for players and visitors. For more information, please see Parks and Gardens, where you can read more about our washed natural gravel which is perfect for such purposes.