Golfers want the best, and rightly so, because the way the course is built and how it looks is extremely important for the game. The right sand in the right place makes all the difference when you are aiming for birdies, eagles and par. Brogårdsand has therefore developed a complete range of sand that makes your golf course both beautiful, long-lasting and fully functional. We have supplied sand to several of Sweden’s biggest golf courses.p>

The sand also meets USGA standards
We know that it is extremely important that the sand is the right fit for the various demands placed on a golf course. When constructing new golf courses or improving old ones the Swedish Golf Association recommends using as much USGA-approved material as possible. Brogårdsand can offer customers all USGA-approved grades, whether standard grades or special mixtures for drainage, bunker construction and seedbeds. An additional plus is that our sand lasts a long time, which is good from the financial point of view.

Drainage and seeding sand – for increased plant power
The rounded form of our sand’s grains leads to increased oxygenation of planting beds, which is good for the growth of turf. The round shape and the addition of peat also increases the soil’s ability to retain water so that it neither becomes too wet nor too dry on the fairway.

Bunker sand – a necessary evil of the highest quality
You probably don’t want to end up in the bunker, but if you do it is important that the sand does what it is supposed to do. It has to stop the ball from rolling out to the edge. Our bunker sand has been tried and tested by both players and greenkeepers to make sure it holds the ball in place and stops it rolling further. In addition, thanks to the specially formulated grain distribution and the natural round grain shape, the sand is self-draining and easy to put back in place. We can also produce special grades according to your wishes.

Top dressing – made for its looks
We also offer top dressing.
It is delivered according to your wishes, either with or without peat mix. This top-dressing material is suitable for dressing fairways, tees and greens. The rounded shape makes the sand easy to brush into the grass during dressing, resulting in minimal wear on lawn mowers. We can also offer our green top-dressing sand for the improvement of greens and tees, camouflaging damaged areas until new grass grows. Even problem greens can be gradually improved by consistent and correct top dressing.

Sand for pretty paths and parking places
Green spaces are not the only things on a golf course. It also needs attractive paths and practical parking spaces nearby for players and visitors. For more information, please see Parks and Gardens where you can read more about our washed natural gravel for such purposes.