Record-setting sand

Take the leap with us
You want to do your best when doing the long jump. You need a good surface that is soft and gentle to land in but it also needs to be easy get back into shape for the next jumper. Nobody wants to land in a puddle either, so Brogårdsand has developed long jump sand that stays loose and soft even after rain. We have supplied sand for long jump tracks in many parts of Sweden.

Soft, clean and easy to lay
Our long jump sand is washed and completely free from clay. Combined with the specially developed distribution of particles and the natural round shape of the grains, the sand is a good shock absorber, easy to lay and is self-draining. The round shape prevents the sand from compacting and becoming hard, even after rain. It also avoids injuries such as grazes.

Sand for pretty paths and parking places
A sports ground does not only involve the stadium itself. It might also need attractive paths and practical parking spaces nearby for athletes and visitors. For more information, please see Parks and Gardens where you can read more about our washed natural gravel, which is perfect for such purposes.