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Parks and gardens


Greenery is good for the soul. That is why parks, cemeteries and gardens are so important in times of stress. An important ingredient in creating these green oases is sand, whether for grassy areas or beautiful footpaths. We have therefore developed a range of sands which are suitable for a wide variety of uses in parks and gardens. The right grains of sand in the right place mean that your lawns, paths, decorative areas and car parks will be beautiful, long-lasting and calming.

Lawns – for better growth
When laying lawns using both ready-made turf or by sowing the round shape of our sand grains increases the oxygen content in the plant beds, which enhances growth of the grass. The round shape and the addition of peat also optimizes the soil’s ability to retain water.

Top dressing – function and form
We also offer top dressing. It is delivered according to the client’s wishes, either with or without peat mix. The rounded shape makes the sand easy to brush into the grass during dressing, resulting in minimal wear on lawn mowers. The addition of peat enhances the soil’s ability to retain water.

Decorative surfaces – a study in grey
Sometimes you want gardens and parks that are easy to maintain but which are still aesthetically pleasing. It has therefore become increasingly popular to have decorative areas of coarse gravel and stone instead of grass. Our decorative stone is of a beautiful rounded shape and is naturally dappled in grey. It is available in different fractions, according to your wishes. It is clean and free from stone dust, which makes it difficult for weeds to take root and means you do not have to spend time clearing it.

Sand for pretty paths and parking places
Parks, cemeteries and gardens do not only contain green spaces. It also needs attractive paths and practical parking spaces nearby for players and visitors. We therefore also supply washed natural gravel for such areas. Our natural gravel is an attractive grey colour, naturally round and perfectly clean. That means no stone dust for weeds to take a hold in. Additionally, an earth cover under the gravel makes it even harder for weeds to take root, giving you areas that are easy to maintain and sustainable.