Sand for padel court

When you build a padel court it’s important to choose the right quality of the sand. The sand is used as a stabilizing infill of the turf, that will ensure a long lifespand and work optimally on the court. We offer washed and sorted nature sand especially for padel courts. The sand works perfectly for this purpose because of its purity, grain distribution and natural roundness.

Which sand is used for padel courts?
Padel courts can be built with a variety of turfs of artificial grass, which needs different sizes on the grains of the sand. Brogårdsand offer the sizes 55 KT, 45 KT och 30 KT.

Which kinds of grasses are used for the turf?
Artificial grass, curling grass och padel grass are used for padel courts.

How much sand is needed for a padel court?
How much sand depends on if it’s outdoors or indoors. For a court that is 10×20 meter indoors you would need approximately 7,5 – 15 kg/m2 (1,5-3 ton sand) depending on the sort of grass you’re using.

Indoor padel court
An indoor padel court generally needs less sand, but it depends mostly on the kind of turf and artificial grass that is used.

Outdoor padel court
An outdoor padel court often requires more maintenance and that you replace the sand more frequently. It’s also possible you would need more sand to an outdoor padel court.


How do I distribute the sand?Hur lägger jag ut sanden?
The sand is put into different piles which is then sweeped down in the turf. It’s important that the sand is distributed evenly on the court.

Changing the sand of the court
You have to maintain the court and clean it from dust and dirt if you want to preserve a good quality of the game. And outdoor court often needs more maintenance and replacing of sand, than an indoor court. When changing the sand, first use an industrial vacuum cleaner to completely remove and clean the court from old sand.

Delivery of the sand
The sand is sold in 25 kg bags and can be delivered with different shipping options.  

Order sand for a padel court
Please contact customer service on e-mail: or phone: 010-455 20 40