Sandpits and Playgrounds

Sand for the best we have

Play save, have fun
Is there anything more important than our children? We want them to be care-free and happy and to have fun, be it at home, at school or at leisure. But we also want to make sure they do not get hurt during their games and rough and tumble. Brogårdsand has even thought of that. So we have developed sand for sand pits that has just the right structure and grain so that even small builders can manage to make sand pies and sandcastles, but which is as porous and soft as possible to soften the landing from any falls from swings and other playground equipment.

Shock-absorbing playground sand
Sand which meets EU requirements
When you have swings and other playground equipment, you want a sand that can absorb the shock of any falls. Our sand meets EU requirements for playground sand and has been tested by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute in Borås as well as SS-EN 1177 for playground shock-absorbing surfaces. These standards mean you can measure how thick the sand layer needs to be to minimize damage, depending on the highest fall height of the play area in question.

Our playground sand is also dust-free and self-draining. This means that children do not get dirty or wet when they play. Thanks to the grain distribution, purity and the natural round shape of the sand, it does not clump or get hard, even after rain. So it remains safe, whatever the weather. The rounded shape also lessens the risk of grazes.

The right thickness is important
For maximum safety and the greatest level of shock absorption, it is important that whoever buys the sand informs us about the highest fall height and the size of the playground. That means we can calculate the thickness of the sand needed, and the children can get on with their fun in a safe and sound way.

Sandpit sand- for small builders and pie makers
One important thing for sandpit sand is that it should be easy to shape things. Our sandpit sand is designed to be as easy to shape and bake as possible. It is also free from clay particles, which means it drains naturally and does not pack together when it rains. So children stay clean and dry, which is good for every parent and teacher.

Sand for pretty paths and parking places
A playground might also need attractive paths and practical parking spaces nearby for staff and visitors. For more information, please see Parks and Gardens, where you can read more about our washed natural gravel for such purposes.