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A part of Finja


We at Finja believe in a sustainable future and want to build safe and permanent homes that last for generations. Therefore, we continue to develop products with a strong focus on sustainability and invest in modern production facilities and digital solutions to make the choice easy for our customers. We are constantly growing, but the fast-paced action of the small company remains.

Finja is a Swedish family company whose journey started with an acquired gravel pit in 1957. Add a large portion of knowledge, commitment and courage and you have today’s company, one of the country’s foremost in the concrete industry. We offer construction solutions for masonry and plastered construction, garden, special use, sand and aggregate. Together, our companies complement each other. Brogårdsand is part of Finja and we mine, refine and sell special sand. We have extensive experience and in our advanced production facility we can tailor orders to the customer’s needs..

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The love for the material och focus on sustainability in Finjas new visual expression.