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Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT

In Finja’s overall sustainability work, we continuously try to find new ways to reduce the use of finite resources. One part has been to introduce circular life cycle management of our IT equipment. In Sweden, 93% of the population has a smartphone, which means that 9.5 million mobile phones circulate in society. Each remanufactured mobile phone results in reduced use of heavy metals and savings of 27 kg of carbon dioxide emissions and 86 kg of waste.

Our end-of-life IT equipment, such as mobile phones and computers, is part of a cycle where the lifespan is extended by remanufacturing or reconditioning. This means that products that cannot be reused are recycled and the basic elements that the equipment contains are taken care of. These elements can then be included in the new manufacture of electronics. We can thus measure and present how much carbon dioxide and waste we have saved the environment by working with sustainable IT.

Through take-back and recycling, Finja has saved 165,000 kg of waste and 9,599 kg of carbon dioxide. By reproducing products instead of new purchases, we have saved 7,040 kg of waste and 5,529 kg of carbon dioxide. This corresponds to 127,386 people’s daily household waste and 22,080 kilometers driven by car.