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We sponsor with our heart

Sponsorship is a way for us to get involved in issues that we think are important, both local and global. Brogårdsand believes in responsible business and wants to support organizations and businesses that work for a better world.

In our local area, we have a tradition of sponsoring clubs, associations and organizations in, among other things, sports, culture and society. We invest in activities that we believe in and preferably in activities where our employees are involved. Sponsorship is part of our overall communication and reflects our values ​​and brand.

Habo Wolley was started in 1987 and is one of Sweden’s most successful volleyball clubs. The club has won several SM gold on the youth side in both volleyball and beach volleyball and also SM gold for seniors in beach volleyball. The club’s beach volleyball facility in Habo has a total of 8 beach volleyball courts. In the 2020-2021 season, the number of active members, including leaders, was about 500. Brogårdsand sponsors the club through a cooperation agreement. Read more on Habo Wolley’s website.

Brogårdsand sponsors Habo Frisbee with game material. Habo Frisbee offers disc golf, which is an individual sport with the goal of throwing frisbees/discs into metal baskets. The sport is easily accessible and offers social interaction for everyone. The sport has expanded a lot in recent years. Read more on Habo Frisbee’s website.

Brogårdsand has sponsored Habo Rotary’s annual golf day “For a polio-free world”. The goal of the event was to raise money for the fight against polio. Through this sponsorship, Rotary’s opportunities to eradicate polio in the world increase. Rotary is an organization for socially engaged people who work to promote understanding, goodwill and peace in the realm. 

As part of Finja, we have a collaboration with Hand in Hand. The organization works to eradicate poverty by educating women so that they can start businesses, create new jobs or further develop existing businesses. By being a donor to Hand in Hand, we at Brogårdsand wish to contribute to a sustainable environment and sustainable social development. Read more about the project here.