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The Process

1. Extraction and coarse sorting

The sand is extracted in the quarry, where it is sorted so coarse material is taken out. The sand is then transported from the quarry to the washing plant.

2. Washing and wet processing

The sand is washed and sorted in the washing plant in high-precision machines. The end product is already a determining factor at this stage. About 80% of the raw material sand has a particle size of between 0.1 mm and 1 mm. The larger particles are then sorted further into average sizes of 0.16 to 3.0 mm. Sizes over these are divided into additional fractions of between 3.0 mm and 32 mm. Our standard products are ready for delivery after this process has been completed.

3. Drying and cooling

For specialised sand, for example for foundries, power stations and mortar, an advanced process is used to make the sorted sand completely dry. It is also sorted further into special fractions at this stage and then cooled to the right temperature. The sand is now clean, dry and completely free of dust.

4. Storage and delivery

The cleaned and sorted sand is kept in silos and is loaded under cover in a closed system, either loose in tank trucks or in bags of various sizes, from 25 up to 1,000 kg. The closed system allows for a high, consistent quality. We are also well placed geographically for transport. Brogårdsand’s location next to the southern end of Lake Vättern is ideal for rapid delivery throughout the country.