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Environmental quality policy


Brogårdsand AB extracts, processes and sells sand. Through these operations, the company has a considerable impact on the environment. Consequently, our environmental initiatives shall be integrated into our long-term planning. Sufficient resources shall be allocated to initiatives and planning alike. To the extent that it is financially, technically and practically possible, we shall, through continuous improvement, prevent and minimise any negative impact on the environment.

We shall fulfil the above by:

  • Minimising any negative impact that our extraction of sand has on the environment and, after sand extraction, recreating a good environment.
  • Reducing energy consumption in production.
  • Monitoring and complying with applicable environmental legislation, regulations and binding requirements in respect of our operations.
  • Providing staff members with information on environmental issues and training and involving them in these.
  • Taking environmental aspects into account when choosing hauliers and other suppliers.
  • Minimising waste.



Brogårdsand AB guarantees quality in all respects. Continuous improvement is an integral part of our operations. All goods and services provided by our company shall be of the quality promised to the customer. Customer satisfaction is our guiding light!

We shall fulfil the above by:

  • Maintaining a continuous dialogue with customers.
  • Always working to deliver the highest possible quality and service.
  • Continuously improving the way we work.

Habo, 2 May 2018

Mikael Wetterheim
CEO, Brogårdsand AB