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In addition to all the other uses in this catalog, there are many other uses for sand. Below you can see what our pure natural sand is also suitable for.


When blasting you need a sand that is tough and hard. Our natural blasting sand is made up of hard quartz minerals and therefore works excellently for wet blasting and for blasting in closed cabinets. We can offer several different types of blasting sand. It is always carefully sorted into narrow fractions, so that neither fine dust nor large grains are included. The tight and accurate fractionation means that no grains get stuck in the nozzles of the blasting equipment. You can also get the exact fraction that suits your equipment.

Punching bags

If you want to take a swing, you can do it against sandbags filled with our sand. The round grains of sand mean that the resistance is just right when you land a real punch.

Football pitches

Soccer pitches with natural grass are constructed in a similar way to golf courses. There, our round sand works both as a draining and oxygenating agent, so that the grass can grow well and become durable.

Art installations

You can make art using sand. It is used in glass blasting, casting of sculptures and also in the advertising industry. For example, a large hamburger chain has made a commercial in which our sand plays the desert with great conviction.´

Salmon stairs

For salmon ladders, larger stones are needed that the salmon can swim up. We have large cobblestones that are suitable for that purpose.

Railway sand

The railway is important for environmentally friendly communications in our country, but both snow and leaves make the rails slippery and dangerous. That is why we have developed a special loco sand that works as brake and slip sand. You could say that we help the trains to arrive on time and the locomotives to stop.

Cultivation in sand bed

You don’t always need land to grow. It often works well with just sand. The sand makes it easy for the roots to develop, and root vegetables therefore thrive and thrive extra well. There will also be less weeds. You can also improve the soil with sand.

Flue gas purification filter

Thanks to the grain distribution, our sand is suitable for flue gas purification filters in industry.

Sand against flooding

Sometimes disaster strikes and the water rises. Then we have sandbags that can prevent water and protect property.

Single for practice driving courses

At test tracks for cars, there are so-called run-off zones that are supposed to slow down if you happen to get into them. For these, we can deliver a specially designed single.

Protects forest plants

We produce a special fraction of our sand. It is then mixed with binder and placed around the small plant, to protect the roots from nasty beetles.

Zoological environments

Many animals need sand to feel good. We supply special sand for aquariums and terrariums. Thanks to the purity of our sand, it works well for chinchillas as well as lizards and chickens.