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Padel sand 45 kt

1000 kg1.399 kr


Article numner big bag


Weight, kg per bag

25 kg, is sold by the ton

Size, mm

45 KT


Grounding for padel court


Washed nature sand


Padel court mat
Padel courts are built with different types of mats made of artificial grass, padel grass or curly grass.

How much sand is needed for a padel court?
The amount of padel sand needed can differ depending on whether the surface is outdoors or indoors. For a pitch that is 10×20 meters indoors, you need approx. 7.5 – 15 kg/m2 (i.e. 1.5-3 tons of sand) depending on the type of grass.

Padel court indoors
An indoor padel court usually needs less sand, but this mostly depends on the type of mat and artificial grass used.

Padel court outdoors
An outdoor padel court often requires more maintenance and changing the sand more often.

How do I lay out the sand?
The sand is placed in piles which are then swept into the carpet. It is important that the sand is distributed evenly over the pitch.

Change sand to padel court
To maintain a good playing quality, you need to maintain the track and clean it from dust and dirt. An outdoor track often requires more maintenance and changing the sand more often. When changing sand, an industrial vacuum cleaner is first used to empty and clean the track of old sand.

How is the sand delivered?
The sand is delivered in 25 kg bags on a pallet.

Order sand for padel court
Feel free to contact our customer service by email: info@brogardsand.se or phone: 010-455 20 40