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Sport & Recreation

Do you dream of building your own sandy beach or riding track? We can help you realize your dream, whether it’s a simple sandbox for the children or your own beach volleyball court. We have sand for most purposes and deliver the sand in large sacks to Habo, Mullsjö and Jönköping municipality.

The big bags have a capacity of one ton, which makes it possible for you as a customer to order several kinds of products and receive them in a combined delivery. The sack is also less bulky on the site and makes the material easy to move and lay out. In the meantime, it also protects against the otherwise inevitable wastage that occurs as a result of weather and wind.

Sand for sandbox

Washed and soft natural sand also called sandbox sand. Our sandbox sand is fine-grained, bakeable and dust-free, which makes it optimal for playing in the sandbox. Our fall protection sand is suitable if you want a shock-absorbing and soft sand under, for example, a play stand or swing set.

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Sand to beach

Whether you want to build your own beach to play beachvolley or to enjoy in the sun lounger, we have the special sand that is required. We offer two different fractions of beach sand, where the smaller size is reminiscent of the one you find along the sea coast and our larger fraction fits very well with the lake landscape.

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Beach volleyball, golf and horse tracks

Our special sand is used in many sports contexts, often as a substrate for the court where the sport is practiced. We offer and deliver the special sand, both on a large scale to companies but also to private individuals. Read more on our company page about the different types of sand and sports to which we can deliver sand, or contact us for more information.

Sand for padel court

We offer washed and sorted natural sand for padel courts. The sand works for this purpose thanks to its purity, grain distribution and natural roundness. It is important to choose sand of the right quality when building a padel court. The sand is used as stabilizing infill of the carpet. This is so that it will have a long life and function optimally on the pitch.

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