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Park & Garden


Greenery is good for the soul. That’s why parks, cemeteries and gardens are so important in our stressful times. An important ingredient in the construction of these green oases is sand, whether for grass surfaces or for beautiful footpaths. We have therefore produced a range of sand, a special sand that is suitable for a variety of uses in parks and gardens. With the right grain in the right place, your lawns, walkways, decoration areas and parking lots will be beautiful, long-lasting and calming.

Grass areas – for increased plant vigor

When laying grass surfaces of both finished grass and seeded grass, the round grain shape of our sand increases the oxygen content in the plant bed, which favors grass growth.

Dress sand – function and aesthetics

Dress sand is used to top dress lawns with, it is a very fine sand that comes with peat formation. The round grain shape makes it easy to brush the sand into the grass when dressing, which results in minimal wear and tear on lawnmowers, and the peat mixture optimizes the soil’s ability to hold water.

Decorative surfaces – gray mottled beauty

Sometimes you want to have easily worked gardens and parks, but still preserve the aesthetics. Therefore, it has become increasingly popular to have decorative surfaces of coarser gravel and stone instead of grass surfaces. Our decorative stone is beautifully round and naturally gray mottled. It is available in different fractions, based on your own wishes. It is clean and free of stone dust, which makes it difficult for weeds to take root and you don’t have to spend time on cleaning.

Nature single to beautiful footpaths and parking lots

Parks, cemeteries and gardens do not only contain green spaces. Beautiful corridors and functional parking spaces for practitioners and visitors are also needed. We therefore also provide washed natural single for these surfaces. Our natural single is beautifully mottled gray, naturally round, completely clean. This means that there is no stone dust that weeds can take root in. If you also use a ground cloth under the shingle, it becomes even more difficult for weeds to get a foothold and you get an easy-to-work and durable plant.

With us you can order around the clock. Fill out our order form and we will get back to you with a quote and professional advice on which material is best suited for your particular project.