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The right feel

Beach volleyball is becoming more and more popular, whether on the beach, in the centre of big cities or even indoors. The feeling of the playing surface is an important part of the fun of beach volleyball. The sand must be soft and pleasant to play on. We have therefore developed a sand with both the right function and feel, and in the past few years we have delivered sand to a large number of beach volleyball courts, both outdoors and indoors, all around Sweden. Both top players and those who do it just for fun appreciate the quality and feeling of our sand.

Beach volleyball is not the only sport that is gaining in popularity. Beach handball and beach soccer are also on the way up. And what makes our sand perfect for beach volleyball is also what makes it perfect for beach handball and beach soccer.

Softness, durability and pure fun

It is important to choose the right quality of sand when building a beach volleyball court. That is because it must be long-lasting and provide the right, fun feeling of beach volleyball. Our sand is ideal for beach volleyball because it is dust-free and self-draining. The round form of the grains and its purity mean that it does not clump, even after rain. It always has the same softness and feels good to play on. At the same time you feel clean because there are no dust or clay particles that stick to your body.

How much sand do you need?

You should calculate on an area of 14×22 m for a beach volleyball court of 8×16 m. The depth should be 0.4 m, which means a volume of 123 m³ or approximately 190 tons of sand. Permanent courts must be drained.

Sand for pretty paths and parking places

A beach volleyball court also sometimes needs attractive paths and practical parking spaces nearby for players and visitors.

For more information, please see Parks and Gardens, where you can read more about our washed natural gravel for such purposes.