Sand for shape and structure
Brogårdsand develops and processes a natural sand to serve as foundry sand for foundry casts and cores for many iron and metal foundries in Sweden and Norway.

Sand which keeps its shape and can take the heat
The mineral composition of our sand, with its unique mix of about 80% quartz and 20% feldspar, creates the best conditions for casting with complex sand-cast structures. The reason is that quartz has a high sintering temperature (melting point), while feldspar has a low expansion factor.

Because it is important that the sand in the sand cores expands as little as possible and does not melt when it comes into contact with the hot, molten iron, this mineralogical combination provides great advantages over pure quartz sand.

This minimizes the risk of cracking when casting and leads to less cleaning up work and spillage in the foundry. The natural round shape of the sand particles means that the casting shape holds together with fewer binding agents. The sand’s purity, its low moisture content and delivery temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius also cause lower reprocessing costs. Brogårdsand’s foundry sand is available in a number of standard fractions and special grades and is marketed by G & L Beijer Industri AB, which sells machinery and supplies to heavy industry.