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Dress the lawn

In order for the lawn to grow and become green and beautiful, it needs top dressing and we offer two types of dressing material, dressing and mulch for your garden. Dressing is preferably used when you have a compact lawn of clay soil to stimulate and promote the root system. The fine grains increase the oxygen content, which favors grass growth.

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Mulldress should be used if you have a sandy surface. The sand is delivered with peat mixture, which means that the soil’s ability to hold water becomes optimal.

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Natural single

Our natural gravel is mainly used as a decoration in the flower bed, as the beautiful gray mottled stone fits in most gardens. We offer three different sizes of the natural single and all fractions are suitable for the above purposes. If you are going to use the gravel in the flower bed, we recommend putting a ground sheet underneath to protect from weeds. We recommend using the largest size for gravel paths, garage driveways and courtyards.