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Water filtration


Clean water, a basic requirement for life

Healthy and clean water is not a given in our world. Even in Sweden, water needs to be purified to be able to drink and use in our everyday life. At Brogårdsand, we produce an absolutely clean sand that works for the purification of both raw water and waste water, in municipalities, waterworks and industries.

We have delivered the sand, which is also known as fast filter sand and slow filter sand, to most major waterworks in southern and central Sweden, and also to several waterworks in Norway, Russia and the Baltics. We also provide filter sand for cleaning pools. Our sand helps create a clean environment, a must for all life and for our health.

Round, clean and absorbent

To purify water, only the best sand is good enough. The grain structure and fraction size must be exactly right for the different water types and treatments involved in water treatment, and the sand must be completely free of organic matter.

The sand grains in our water purification sand are clean, round, made up of hard mineral and have a high adsorption capacity, which contributes to a natural and good purification process. We offer two different types of filter sand.

Quick filter sand – cleans large and small

Brogårdsand’s quick filter sand is suitable for many different types of treatment plants. From large municipal treatment plants, to sand filters for swimming pools and spa facilities. The sand is also excellent for water treatment facilities at deep-drilled wells.

Slow filter sand – for fresh drinking water

Brogårdsand’s slow filter sand is used by municipalities for infiltration ponds where drinking water is produced. It is also suitable for single or multi-family homes that have infiltration facilities via soil bed.

The slow filter sand is simply suitable where high demands are placed on the purity of the sand, grain distribution, absorption, ability to separate organic material and biological decomposition.