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Thermal heating plants


We give you a warm feeling

Living in a cold land means we need warmth supplied to our homes and workplaces. That is why all around in Sweden there are thermal heating plants and industries producing power and steam. However, they need one very important ingredient to produce this much sought-after warmth – namely sand.

Here at Brogårdsand we have developed a unique, heat-resistant sand that can handle the veritable inferno that prevails in the bubbling furnaces of the thermal power plants so we can all be warm and cosy.

Sand that can stand tough conditions

We offer a number of special fractions, both for heating plants and for the production of electricity, district heating and steam. Sand for thermal heating plants has to cope with tough conditions.

Our sand’s unique mix of about 80% quartz and 20% feldspar has big advantages in the hot fluidized beds (bubbling beds), which are used in biofuel heating plants. This is because quartz has a high sintering temperature (melting point) and does not melt when it comes into contact with the high temperatures in the beds.