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Apart from all the other areas mentioned in this catalogue, there are many other ways to use sand. You can see below what our pure, natural sand can also be used for.

Blasting requires sand which is tough and hard. Our natural blasting sand is made of hard mineral quartz and is therefore ideal for both wet blasting and sandblast cabinets. We offer various types of blasting sand. It is always carefully sorted into exact fractions to exclude dust and large particles. This process of exact and careful separation of fractions means blasting equipment nozzles do not get blocked. You also get exactly the right fraction for your equipment.

Ash stands
There is nothing worse than cigarette ends being strewn on the ground. That can be avoided with our ash stands, which are perfect for stubbing out cigarettes. The roundness of the sand particles mean they do not compact together, allowing cigarette ends to slide easily into the sand and be extinguished without giving off annoying clouds of smoke.

Punch bags
You can take a swing at punch bags filled with our sand. The round particles mean you get the right resistance when you throw a good punch.

Football pitches
Football pitches with natural turf are laid in a similar way to golf courses. Our sand works by draining and oxygenating so that the grass grows well and is hard-wearing.

Art installations
Make a work of art with the help of our sand. It is used for the blasting of glass and casting sculptures and has even appeared in advertisements. For example, one large hamburger chain made a publicity clip where our sand played a desert with great conviction.

Fish ladders for salmon
Fish ladders need large stones which the salmon can swim up. We have large cobble stones which are just the right thing.

Locomotive sand
Railways are important for environmentally friendly transport, but both snow and leaves can make the tracks slippery and dangerous. So we have developed a special locomotive sand which helps with braking and makes tracks less slippery. You might say we help trains arrive on time and bring them to a standstill.

Horticultural sand
Soil is not the only thing you can use to grow things. Sand can often be used as well. Sand makes it easy for roots to develop and root vegetables grow particularly well in it. There are also fewer weeds. Sand can also be used to improve soil.

Flue gas cleaning
The distribution of particle sizes means our sand is suitable for industrial flue gas cleaning filters.

Flood protection
Rising water levels can sometimes threaten disaster. That is when our sandbags can hold the waters back and protect property.

Gravel for car test-drive tracks
Car test-drive tracks have so-called runoff zones which slow cars down if they veer off course. We also have a specially developed gravel for that.

Forestry plant protection
We take a special fraction of our sand. It is then mixed with a binding material and spread around saplings to protect the roots from nasty pine weevils.

Many animals’ well-being depends on sand. We supply specialised sand for aquariums and terrariums. The purity of our sand means it can be used for everything from chinchillas and lizards to hens.